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Clinical Chemistry
Urine Strips
DIAQUICK Rapid Tests
Blood Grouping
Coagulation Reagents
DOA Liquid Immunoassays
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Blood Glucose & Hemoglobin Testing
Diagnostic Products

>> Clinical Chemistry

Diagnostic reagents for the quantitative in-vitro determination of substrates, enzymes and electrolytes in human serum, plasma or urine on photometric systems.

>> Immunoturbidimetry

Diagnostic reagents for the quantitative in-vitro determination of human serum proteins by turbidimetric or nephelometric immunoassay.

>> Urine Strips

Urine test strips for the rapid and accurate urinalysis screening of specific gravity, nitrite, pH, protein, glucose, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin, leucocytes, ascorbic acid and Blood.

>> Serology

Determination of tumor markers, rheuma factors, syphilis and bacterial infections in human serum by agglutination methods. Visual interpretation, no instruments required.

>> DIAQUICK Rapid Tests

Rapid immunochromatographic determination of infectious diseases, pregnancy, hormones, drugs of abuse and tumor markers in a wide variety of specimens. Simply add the specimen and an accurate, visually determined result appears in just minutes. Disposable and inexpensive, the "DIAQUICK" rapid tests are an effective alternative to conventional, labor intensive laboratory testing techniques.

>> Blood Grouping

Diagnostic Reagents (Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-AB, Anti-D) for the qualitative in-vitro determination of human blood groups of the ABO-System and Rhesus Typing by manual or automated agglutination method.

>> Coagulation Reagents

Diagnostic reagents for the in-vitro determination of human plasma coagulation factors by clotting assays.

>> ELISA Tests

Qualitative and quantitative determination of autoimmune diseases, Aids, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases as well as hormones and tumor markers in serum, plasma or whole blood.

>> DOA Liquid Immunoassays

Homogeneous enzyme immunoassays for the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of drugs of abuse in human urine.

>> Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Diagnostic Reagents for the quantitative in-vitro determination of Therapeutic Drugs by turbidimetric immunoassay in human serum samples.

>> Blood Glucose & Hemoglobin Testing

Point of Care systems for the the quantitative in-vitro determination of blood glucose and hemoglobin in human whole blood.