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Kappa Light Chain

  • General information
  • Shelf life + Storage temperature
  • Package size
  • Downloads
CE marked
Configuration  Ab Reagent + Buffer
SampleSerum or Urine


Shelf Life   60 months from date of production
Storage2-8 °C
A00525   1x 5 mL Antibody Reagent
2x 25 mL Buffer



Insert Kappa Light Chain en 98 KB(File for English)
Insert Kappa Light Chain de 98 KB(File for German)


MSDS Kappa Light Chain / Kappa Light Chain 5+1 - Antibody Reagent (SPIA) 180 KB(File for English)


App Kappa Light Chain Beckman/Synchron LX20 23 KB(File for English)
App Kappa Light Chain ILAB 600 19 KB(File for English)