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3-PART-DIFF  | 5-PART-DIFF 1 Analyser - 2 Functions
Switch between 3-Diff and 5-Diff
18 parameters + 3 histogrammes (3-Diff)
21 parameters + 4 histogrammes (5-Diff)
Results in 50 sec (3-Diff) or 80 sec (5-Diff)
For venous and capillary blood
Only 10 – 30 µl blood volume
No warm-up, temperature independent
Colour display
Integrated thermal printer
Connection to external computer, printer, keyboard and barcode reader
4 Reagents
Blood Clot Micro Filter
Unique preservation solution » no frequent rinsing
Electromagnetic valves » less service needed
Cleaning every 3 months only
Service once a year
Veterinary instrument: 6 species by default, 2 species freely selectable
5 years warranty
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish on request


Insert Dialuent en 92 KB(File for English)
Insert Diatergent en 91 KB(File for English)
Insert Rinse Concentrate en 91 KB(File for English)
Insert Diadiff en 94 KB(File for English)
Insert Dialys-EO en 92 KB(File for English)


DLB5 user manual 20 MB(File for English)
Quickstart 417 KB(File for English)

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