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Product News

Product News

Newsletter July


Jul 2018

Our July Newsletter is available, click here in order to find out about:

  • Exhibitions
  • New products
  • Improvements

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IMPROVED: Shelf life H. pylori ELISA


Jul 2018

We improved our H. pylori ELISA tests and are happy to announce that for

we can now offer an increased shelf life of 18 months!
For further information, please contact us.

New Chemistry Analyser - Dialab Autolyser 100


Jun 2018

We are happy to introduce our answer for small sized labs or docotor's office:
Autolyser 100

  • Fully automated chemistry analyser
  • Up to 100 tests per hour
  • Automatic, Random Access, STAT
  • Built-in computer & thermal printer
  • Touch-screen
  • Disposable cuvettes
  • One-way LIS option
  • CE Marked

Please contact us for more details or click here for technical specifications