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Diagnostics products

Reagents and sytem packs for 3-diff and 5-diff haematology analysis of human and veterinary blood samples.
Diagnostic reagents, standards, calibrators, and controls for the quantitative in-vitro determination of substrates, enzymes and electrolytes in human serum, plasma or urine on photometric systems.
Turbidimetric immunoassays for quantitative in-vitro determination of human serum proteins in plasma or urine on photometric systems
Homogeneous enzyme immunoassays for the qualitative & semi-quantitative determination of drugs of abuse in human urine on photometric systems
Manual immunochromatographic screening tests for the qualitative determination of a broad collection of parameters in a wide variety of human samples
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for the qualitative and/or quantitative determination of various parameters in human serum and plasma samples.
Diagnostic reagents for the qualitative in-vitro determination of human blood groups of the ABO-system as well as some rare blood groups by manual or automated agglutination method.
Diagnostic reagents for the in-vitro determination of human plasma coagulation factors by clotting assays.
Urine test strips for the rapid and accurate urinalysis screening of specific gravity, nitrite, pH, protein, glucose, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin, leucocytes, blood, ascorbic acid, microalbumin and creatinine.
Point of Care systems for the the quantitative in-vitro determination of blood glucose and hemoglobin in human whole blood.
Manual slide and tube agglutination tests for the qualitative or titre determination of rheumatic factors and infectious diseases in human serum samples